The Role of Electronic Intelligent Systems in Health Promotion

Today, healthcare users are demanding better and more sophisticated solutions to improve their quality of life. In this regard, healthcare technologies and optimized patient management are transforming healthcare organizations and structures. People, the environment, and technological infrastructure must be combined as a unified, intelligent, and optimized care system for treatment and data management, resulting in a highly personalized and precise care experience. Intelligent electronic systems in healthcare make it possible to design and implement electronic systems and manage their maintenance to promote innovation and integration of technologies while considering energy efficiency principles and a commitment to health. Additionally, the information managed by smart electronic systems allows healthcare institutions to use the data for decision support, which can give them a strategic advantage when focusing on improving patients’ quality of life. This Special Issue of the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IJERPH) focuses on the state of knowledge regarding how intelligent electronic systems impact healthcare from the perspective of software, platforms, smart devices, sensors, and infrastructure technology. New research, reviews, case studies, mixed-method research, and empirical studies are welcome to be submitted to this Special Issue.

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