Month: May 2019

Architectural Technical Debt and Microservices-based Systems

Today, the microservices architectural style is an emerging trend in the industry. In order to develop microservices-based systems, architectural decisions are the first and fundamental steps to address quality goals. In this article, we described preliminary research about a content-based recommender system (CBRS) composed by microservices architecture patterns and architectural tactics as a basis for obtaining a recommendation of architectural decisions in microservices architectures to make more robust decisions to manage architectural technical debt.

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Scalability and Microservices-based Systems

Recently, we conducted an empirical study on open microservices-based systems and scalability. We used our pattern language in order to explore which frameworks (commonly used to develop microservices architectures) address the scalability dimensions. Results show that (1) 9 common frameworks satisfy the scalability dimensions (see the following figure, x-axis: frameworks, y-axis: microservices patterns); (2) frameworks produce trade-offs among scalability dimensions; and (3) few frameworks address several scalability dimensions at once. Finally, we identify five reusable design decisions to address scalability requirements and propose them as microservices architectural tactics.

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This study was presented at the 37th International Conference of the Chilean Computer Science Society (SCCC), 2018.