Month: September 2019

Experts or novices in the software architectural design decision-making? An experimental study

Software engineering literature describes several decision-making techniques for architectural design. However, the impact of the experience of those who use these techniques on their efficacy has been little explored.

We experimented with 24 IT practitioners in order to evaluate the impact of the experience of software architecture decision-making team members on the efficacy of TaSPeR (Tactics Selection Poker), a technique that supports architectural design decisions (inspired in the Planning Poker technique).

This research, led by Juan P. Brito, reveal that for teams with more experienced members the use of TaSPeR turned out to be harmful for the selection of software architecture tactics, in contrast to the more experienced teams, for which the use of TaSPeR was quite beneficial. Other key findings are discussed in the article.

This article was accepted in the International Conference of the Chilean Computer Science Society (SCCC).

Migration from monolithic to microservices, What has been done so far?

Microservices architecture has become enormously popular because traditional monolithic architectures no longer meet the needs of scalability and rapid development cycle, and the success of some large companies in building and deploying services is a strong motivation for others to consider making the change.

However, performing the migration process is not trivial. Most systems acquire too many dependencies between their modules, and thus can’t be sensibly broken apart. It is for this reason that studies that provide information associated with the migration process to practitioners are necessary.

We have performed a rapid review to analyze the current state of the migration of monolith systems to microservices. In this investigation, led by Francisco Ponce, we discuss some key findings related to:

What techniques are used to migrate monolith systems to microservices?

What happens to databases during migration?

This article was accepted in the International Conference of the Chilean Computer Science Society (SCCC).