Month: June 2019

Security Mechanisms Used in Microservices-Based Systems

Microservices is an emerging architectural style that is being used by the industry. This style provides several advantages, but at the same time, challenges. One of the critical challenges is security. In order to understand the current scene regarding security, we performed a systematic literature mapping to illustrate the security mechanisms used in microservices-based applications. In summary: many proposals detect and/or mitigate attacks. However, there are very few proposals that react to attacks and, on the other hand, we do not find proposals to recover from attacks. The figure describes the mechanisms currently used (Y-axis) and the primary studies (letter “M”) sorted by year (X-axis).


Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 11.41.34 PM.png

This article was accepted in XLV Latin American Computing Conference (CLEI 2019).