Architectural Tactics and Patterns in Microservices

There is no doubt that microservices are becoming an essential industrial standard to develop complex systems. But, How developers and architects are building this kind of architecture? In ICSE (International Conference on Software Engineering) 2018, we presented a work-in-process article that shows architectural tactics and pattern in microservices reported in academia and industry. We realized that many architectural patterns are re-used knowledge from SOA.

On the other hand, we find poor evidence of architectural tactics in microservices. Architectural tactics are reusable architectural design-time solutions that satisfy quality attributes stimulus. For example, if a system component fails to respond to a particular input, then a possible architectural tactic to detect this fault is a heartbeat.

We are planning to investigate how these two areas impact the microservices research. We already published results in conferences like CibSE and journal like IEEE Latin America Transactions.

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